what we can get from LED plant light Sep 24 , 2021

Plant growth is inseparable from three core factors, namely: light source, water, soil. water and soil are relatively easy to solve, but the light source basically needs to rely on the sun, especially in the case of continuous rainy days, the sun The light is basically gone, which limits the growth of plants. Therefore, plant lights were born. Do you know how plant lights help plants grow?

  Plant growth lights are very suitable for indoor plant cultivation. This kind of lights are suitable for hydroponic gardening or traditional soil gardening. Any vegetables, herbs and flowers are suitable, especially some industrial hemp, many of which are using plant lights.

  The advantage of plant lights is that they provide a lot of red and blue light, thereby maximizing the growth rate of plants. In fact, plants that receive a lot of blue light tend to have stronger, healthier stems and leaves.

  Plant seeds need red light for early germination and root growth, as well as for flowering and fruit production. A good plant light can provide evenly distributed illumination across the entire chromatogram range. This special growth light also includes two keys for plant growth, one for the germination/seedling stage and also for leaf growth. The other is used for flowering and is particularly useful for plants other than green leafy vegetables, such as tomatoes or other indoor flowering plants.

  Plant lights have great benefits for the growth of plants. According to the different light sources needed by plants in different growth stages, the light source can be controlled to provide the corresponding light source requirements for the plants, so that the plants can grow faster and better.

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