The solutions to increase the yield of canabis which have begun to bloom Sep 25 , 2021

How to increase the yield of plants that have begun to bloom?

If you have not taken any measures during the cannabis growth period, please consider your last chance. And can't be missed. In addition, there are several ways to influence the final harvest. This material not only fully considers the effective solution for growth in hue, but also studies the flowering process (the beginning of bud formation). So, assuming your plant has started to actively produce buds, what can you really do to increase yield at this growth stage? Please see all the methods below.

1. Increase light intensity

As we all know, light is actually a supplement, so it is the transfer of life energy. In short, if plants get more light output, they will produce larger flower buds. There is nothing supernatural. Everything is obvious and understandable.

3 main ways to increase light intensity

Install better cannabis plant growth lights.

It is very important to keep the cannabis plant growth light as close as possible without overloading the plant.

Prune your new buds so that they develop horizontally under the light. Pruning during the growth process allows your plants to keep the light as close as possible without causing the highest leaves to burn in strong light.

When marijuana is surrounded by vegetation, it will actively respond and try to get higher for better lighting.

2. During the flowering period, choose a hemp plant growth lamp suitable for the flowering period

In order to obtain the best yield, density and bud size, high-quality cannabis LED plant growth lights should be used when the buds are formed:

3. Provide correct spectrum during bud formation

It is more effective to use LED plant lights with more red light of different wavelengths during the flowering period than the cannabis plant grow lights with more blue light.

Choose a cannabis LED grow light containing the following diodes:



far red (infrared wavelength);

Normally, this type of lamp in the specification contains the definition of 3000K light temperature, or the indication "far red" as an indication for displaying the entire desired spectrum here. Visually, this light is displayed in pink, yellow or light red.

There is not much white ("fuzzy") LEDs that may or may not work. If you have another real example of a grower succeeding on a similar device, please only use dimmable cannabis LED grow lights. Encourage experimentation on technical issues, but the premise is to have a clear understanding of the in-depth process, and to truly achieve large-scale growth.

Cannabis LED grow lights usually need to be kept at least 40 cm above the plant to prevent bleaching and burns.

4. Follow the recommended leaf removal schedule for leaf removal

Most growers use targeted strategies to defoliate to maximize their yield. The term refers to the process of removing specific leaves at specific points in bud development. In fact, it "destroyed" the natural process of plants and made the buds larger and denser than normal. This technique is most effective for seedlings of varieties with increased green quantity. On the contrary, if your plant does not have too many leaves, the falling leaves will slow down the growth rate, so don't go too far because of this operation.

The basic principles of soil defoliation are as follows:

Flowering period begins (1st to 3rd weeks): Remove all the large, fan-shaped leaves on the long stems. This exposes your newly developed bud structure to direct light. The kidneys need direct light to expand.

After 3 weeks, only when the plant looks thick, do another defoliation. Exposing the main branches to direct light will help the plant "focus" on bud development.

After the second large defoliation, only the leaves covering the buds are removed, or if the plant becomes too dense in the middle and bottom of the bush, it should be removed.

You will find that the flower buds are getting bigger and bigger, and the harvest is just around the corner! Quanxing has professional agricultural technicians and professional hemp planting solutions. If you want to grow industrial hemp or increase your own hemp production, please contact us.

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