how can we optimize the environment for canabis growth Sep 24 , 2021

How to optimize the environment in which hemp grows?

There are many factors that need to be considered if you want to increase the harvest of hemp, especially the environment is more important. They are mainly related to the microclimate of your growth chamber/growth chamber at the flowering stage. If you really want to maximize your profits, Westland will teach you how to optimize the environment for marijuana growth.

1.Temperature: Try to keep the temperature between +18°C and +26°C. Increased temperature is associated with loose or "ventilated" buds, weak bud odor, reduced immunity, mold formation, and insect infestation (especially if the buds are also wet).

2.Humidity: After buds begin to develop, do not let the environment be too humid. High humidity can cause mold attack and sprout rot, as well as inhibit the growth of sprouts. High/high density (high humidity makes it difficult to effectively transport water through key plant nodes).

3.Particularity: When the interior of the farmhouse/farmhouse has a reflective wall, it can prevent light loss. There are many options for improving reflectivity, such as painting the walls with white paint or covering them with polyester film. Providing more light to plants will help your buds grow densely.

4.Air circulation: In addition to maintaining the correct temperature and humidity, it is also important to let your plants breeze and plenty of fresh air. Effective air circulation can prevent many problems and accelerate plant growth, thereby increasing the total yield.

5.Adding extra carbon dioxide to the air: Some growers add extra carbon dioxide to the air to increase production. Plants need carbon dioxide for photosynthesis, and (in some cases) adding carbon dioxide to the air allows plants to get more energy from the same amount of light. There are many different ways to increase carbon dioxide levels, some of which are more effective than others!

A large number of cannabis growers are committed to finding new nutrients and additives to increase production, but they ignore the current environmental issues. If the environment created is not ideal, then focusing on the above tips may make a much larger difference to your crop than any product that can be purchased in a container.

If you want to grow industrial hemp or increase your own hemp production, please contact Quanxing. We have professional agricultural researchers and professional hemp planting solutions to help you quickly recover your investment costs and double your profits.

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