Why use grow lights? Nov 05 , 2021

Do your indoor plants need grow lights? Most indoor plants are hardy enough to grow from the natural environment and survive in our homes. But sometimes they need some extra love to thrive!

There are many benefits to providing your plants with the extra energy they get from growing lights. If you have never thought about it, in this article, I will explain the working principle of plant growth lights. I will explain why I think LED grow lights are the best choice.

Led Grow Lights

How does the plant grow light work?

As we all know, plants need sunlight to grow. They use sunlight in a process called photosynthesis, which allows them to produce the energy needed for growth. When plants do not get enough sunlight, their growth will be inhibited. Grow lights can make plants get enough light to achieve maximum growth.

The growth lamp emits specific light waves in the spectrum required for plant growth. But not plants use all the colors and wavelengths in the spectrum. That's why planting lights are specially designed to provide the light waves your plants need! At the same time, the factory will not have to waste energy to filter out the wavelengths it does not use.

Full Spectrum Led Grow Lights

Why use grow lights?

There are many reasons why your indoor plants can benefit from growing lights. Here are some common questions you may or may not have thought about...

Insufficient light in the house:

Maybe your indoor plants are not growing? This may be the result of lack of sunlight. Although our home may look bright in our eyes, it may still lack the light needed for plant health! Generally, all indoor plants should be placed within a few feet of windows to get the required light. If this is not possible, or if your plants are located elsewhere in the home, they may benefit from additional light sources. Remember that plants naturally live outdoors under high light, so we need to imitate their natural environment as much as possible to keep them healthy indoors.

Insufficient light in winter:

In winter, the sunlight level will decrease due to some reasons. Daylight hours are reduced; due to the angle of the earth, the sun is less direct; due to the weather, there is less sunlight. Indoor plants may benefit from increased light in the winter months to help them get through the darker seasons. If plants are struggling in winter, planting lights can help them stay healthy. They can even help them grow during the cool season when they are usually dormant.

Tropical indoor plants, such as violin-leaf figs, banyan species, prayer plants, etc., can especially benefit from the extra light provided by the grow lights, because these plants naturally use a lot of light.

Your plant is not growing:

If your houseplants look healthy but don't seem to have any new growth, it may be lack of light. If there is not enough energy from the sun, plants may not be able to sprout new growth. Supplementing growth lights can help indoor plants increase their energy.

New growth:

Grow lights are usually used to grow seedlings or indoor herbs, or even picky plants such as orchids. In this way, the light can be controlled and adjusted. Herbs and fruits that must usually be planted at a certain time of the year can be planted at any time as long as the grow lights are used correctly.

As a professional manufacturer of LED grow lights,Nakency understands the needs of growers and are committed to producing good-performance and reliable full spectrum LED grow lights for customers all over the world.

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