Why should we choose LED grow lights? Mar 03 , 2022

Before we start, there is a clear question: LED grow lights are more expensive, why are so many people turning to LED grow lights? If you choose high-quality grow lights, your plants will grow better, your electricity bills won't climb, and LED grow lights are better suited to our environment than other types of lighting.

About lighting purposes:LED lights are solely utilized for supplying brightness inside a commercial or residential sphere. LED grow lights are more conducive to the growth of plants

In terms of color : LED grow lights are more comprehensive in color than ordinary LED lights. For example, Blue permits your plant life to have vegetative development, whilst red promotes flowering.

LED grow lights, although artificial, will naturally simulate sunlight. In this way, you can usually design different lighting colors for your grow light equipment. In addition to color, color temperature or luminous efficiency can be easily controlled.

foldable series led grow light,The distance between the LED strips can be adjusted to adapt to different lighting intensities and lighting directions, the aluminum strip structure has good heat dissipation, good air convection effect, good thermal management system, improve heat dissipation performance and prolong service life.

LED lighting is fundamentally different from traditional light sources such as incandescent, fluorescent and gas discharge lamps. LEDs use no mercury, lead, gas or filament, no fragile glass bulbs, and no moving parts that are prone to failure. The LED light source is super green! They do not contain mercury (like CFL) or lead (like incandescent lamps). LED lighting is more efficient, durable, versatile and long-lasting than incandescent lighting.

LED grow lights, also detachable. The LED grow light comes with a detachable driver and long power cord, which reduces ambient heat in the growing space and prolongs its lifespan. With waterproof circuit board, there is no need to worry about wet environment, and it is easy to install. This is the detachable series LED grow light.

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