What kinds of plants are LED grow lights mainly used for? Apr 25 , 2022

To use LED grow lights, you must first determine three points: one is that plants need supplemental light, the other is that plants deserve supplemental light, and the third is that plants are suitable for use of LED plant growth lights for supplemental light. Needless to say, almost all plants need to participate in photosynthesis for photosynthesis, so almost all plants can use LED plant lights to fill in light; plants are worthy of light supplementation, and the plants themselves have high value or are In the future, it has high value, which is to engage in scientific research; suitable for the use of LED grow lights mainly refers to bushy dwarf plants. , Of course, if it is used to cultivate seedlings, it is also a very good choice.

Current application:
(1) Scientific research: polyploid plant research, plant gene mutation research, plant growth parameter index research;
(2) Medicine planting: LED plant lights are used to grow rare dwarf bead medicinal materials. Many medicinal materials have very strict requirements on growth conditions. If all growth environments can be controlled manually, the hospital charges may be reduced year by year. It is not only a luxury in supplements, but mainly planted medicinal materials such as: Dendrobium officinale, Tianshan snow lotus, ginseng, Polygonum multiflorum, Poria, Panax notoginseng, DA hemp, etc.;
(3) Landscape planting: Whether it is in a company office or at home, most people always plant a few pots of flowers and plants. For some plants that have strict requirements on light, it is necessary to use LED plant growth lights, such as: coral ( Animals), Rainbow Jade, Huang Li, Otome Heart, etc.

The technology of LED plant lights is developing rapidly, and the production process is becoming more and more mature. It is believed that the price will gradually become more affordable.
Future applications:
Vegetable cultivation: lettuce, cabbage, lettuce...
Flower cultivation: orchids, hyacinths, rhododendrons, bellflowers...
Growing melons and fruits: cucumbers, watermelons, pumpkins...

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