The significance of LED grow lights for plants Dec 07 , 2021
LED plant grow lights are of great significance to plants. They meet the conditions required for plant growth, ensure their healthy development, flowering, and fruiting, ensure quality and yield, and increase fruit setting rate. It not only guarantees the growth of crops, but also guarantees the interests of the growers.

The life of a plant is like the life of our human beings, experiencing a process from nothing to something. In this process, plants need a lot of energy to maintain their own growth, some are taken by the outside world, and some are synthesized by themselves. For example, it can synthesize organic matter through photosynthesis by itself, but in this process it still needs to rely on outside sunlight.

Light has a close relationship with the growth of crops. Crops capture light energy to the greatest extent and use it for photosynthesis to produce enough organic matter, which directly affects the benefits of agricultural production. Especially in recent years, due to the increase in market demand, there are more and more off-season vegetables and fruits in greenhouses. However, due to the influence of light conditions in spring and winter, the growth of crops is unsatisfactory. Therefore, it is urgent to achieve results. Find a way to artificially fill up the light.

Both the light intensity and the light time affect the growth of crops. If the light intensity is lower than the compensation point of the crop, the organic matter produced by photosynthesis will not keep up with the rate of consumption, which will affect the growth of the plant and cause serious death. Under low light conditions, plants will also grow and become weak. Under the influence of cloudy and haze weather, the light is even more insufficient, and the photosynthetic rate will drop sharply, and it will also cause pests and diseases and cause serious losses.

Therefore, it is urgent to illuminate and supplement light for plants at this time, and the Indoor Plant Grow Light is a specific tool for lighting and supplementary light for plants. It is made according to the principle that plants use sunlight for photosynthesis. Use lights instead of sunlight to illuminate plants to meet the needs of plants for light intensity and light time.

The above are some considerations about the purchase of LED plant growth lamps. I believe you have a certain understanding after reading this article. If you want to discuss this issue in depth, please contact us.

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