The difference and connection between sunlight and Full spectrum LED grow light Apr 20 , 2022

Full spectrum LED grow light is a light that provides a light source for plant growth and development according to the natural law of plant growth and the principle that plants use sunlight for photosynthesis. Even with the development of technology, there is still a big gap between the function and efficiency of Full spectrum LED grow light and sunlight, but with further research, the gap is getting smaller and smaller, and the Full spectrum LED grow light we produce can be better Promote plant growth.

We all know that sunlight is white, but in fact, this "white light" contains seven colors of light – red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, and violet. So, the meaning of "imitation of the sun" And "full spectrum" means that the light of plant lights and sunlight is the same, but our human eyes certainly cannot directly see the light of seven colors.

In the horticultural lighting industry, whether opening an online store or doing export trade or offline wholesale, this "Full spectrum LED grow light" refers to the visible light band, including the light band of various components from blue to red. It should be noted here that it is "Include" (LED plant fill light energy is concentrated in the red and blue bands). The spectral components of sunlight, the visible light of each band component is very sufficient, pay attention to "sufficient".

Just like two peas, grow light and sunlight are almost the same. But in the industry, the plant light covering all visible bands is called "Full spectrum LED grow light". Let's go back to the question of light scattering test using prism above. Because "Full spectrum LED grow light" includes all visible light bands, after dispersing, there will generally be seven-color stripes of light spots, but some monochromatic light components have more components, high intensity, and are easy to observe, while some components are less, low intensity, and difficult to observe.Our detachable full spectrum grow light led can help you solve most problems and is the best choice for plant growth.

Although other visible light can also affect plant growth, blue and red bands have the most significant impact on plant growth. Therefore, in the research and development of grow lights, to improve energy efficiency, highlight the blue and red bands of light components. The light composition of blue-ratio plant light is completely red and blue bands. However, with the advancement of LED chip technology, LED smart lamp bead technology has matured. In the same lamp, there are lamp beads that will produce different light bands. Through chip control, We can produce the full spectrum we want. This full spectrum technology is very popular and has been introduced into the market in large quantities. Now many factories use Full spectrum LED grow light.

So, to sum up, as a "LED grow light" novice, we should correctly understand the conceptual difference between Full spectrum LED grow light and solar spectrum and its practical significance in application. And cooperate with a reliable LED grow light manufacturer, It will save you a lot of trouble and money.

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