Pay attention when choosing LED lights for Plants picky eaters Feb 09 , 2022

As a high-efficiency and energy-saving light source with single wavelength, free combination of light quality and tailor-made light formula, LED is considered to be an ideal light source for artificial light planting at this stage. For growers, when choosing oem custom spectrum led grow lights, what kind of spectrum is the most suitable depends not only on the type of plants grown and cultivation needs, but also need to fully understand the role of light, so as to improve yield and quality.

In fact, not all light is good for plant growth. For plants bathed in sunlight, the available photosynthetically active radiation is concentrated in the visible light range (400-700nm), which is often referred to as "red, orange, yellow, green, blue, blue and purple" seven-color light.

Increase yield, regulate flowering

In the visible spectrum, red and blue light are the most important Custom Foldable Grow Light for healthy plant growth, which will promote biomass accumulation and yield.

A recent study showed that by precisely controlling the ratio of mid-red light/far-red light in the spectral composition, the flower quantity of edible flower pansy can be increased in advance and greatly. Why do plants that are exposed to more red light grow more vigorously?

This is because when plants sense more red light, they release a hormone that prevents chlorophyll from breaking down, more chlorophyll to convert light energy into chemical energy, and more energy for plants.

Plants are more robust and leggy

Blue light plays an important role in the early stages of plant growth, and exposure to blue light not only helps some seeds germinate, but also ensures strong growth of their roots, stems and leaves. This is due to the fact that blue light can promote plants to produce more chlorophyll, help seedlings to better absorb and utilize energy in photosynthesis, and allow plants to grow and mature faster.

Another of our research results shows that blue light can reduce the plasticity of plant leaf cell walls, increase IAA (auxin) oxidase activity, reduce IAA content, and weaken the "apical dominance" of plants, thereby dwarfing watermelon, cucumber, sweet pepper, Tomato seedlings, play the role of strong seedlings.

Penetrates leaves, anti-aging

Green light was once mistaken for physiologically ineffective light, not needed for plant growth. Research has shown that while plants absorb less green light, that doesn't mean plants don't need green light. In the light environment required by plants, if there is too much green light, the growth of plants will be slow and the shape will be poor; if there is too little green light, the leaves of the lower layer of vegetables are prone to premature yellowing and premature senescence.

Enhance color, aroma

When purple and red plants are exposed to violet light, it can promote the accumulation of anthocyanins in the plants, making the plants more vivid in color.

In addition, the flavor of fruits and vegetables is enhanced when exposed to violet light. Violet light irradiation can also improve the antioxidant properties of plants and prevent cell death in plants.

Regulation of plant metabolites

We were pleasantly surprised to find in the research on the cultivation of clematis that using ultraviolet light for a short time and a small dose of irradiation treatment can greatly increase the content of clematis in the clematis. Long-wave ultraviolet light (wavelength 320-400nm) can increase crop yield and promote the synthesis of proteins, sugars, acids and secondary metabolites. Short-wavelength ultraviolet light (wavelength 200-280nm) has an inhibitory effect on the growth of plants, prevents plants from growing excessively, has disinfection and sterilization effects, and can reduce plant diseases. Through the research on the effects of various colors of light on various plants and their growth, we have created Dimmable Indoor Tent Led Grow Light formulas that can replace sunlight, which not only meets the energy needs of plants for photosynthesis, but also is suitable for the precise control of their growth and development.

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