LED plant lighting technology promotes the growth of fruits and vegetables Mar 08 , 2022

Since the late 2000s, LED plant lighting technology has been used in the field of vegetable and fruit cultivation. Based on strict control of the planting environment, consumers can get healthier and safer food with optimized nutritional content and a longer shelf life. With the improvement of LED technology and research on the interaction between light and plants, better plant quality can be achieved, and energy efficiency has also been improved.

Study on Growth Formula for Improving Coloring of Foods Containing Anthocyanins
Anthocyanins are a class of natural pigments that give many fruits and vegetables their red or blue color. As a natural pigment and affect human health, it has received attention. Anthocyanins are a type of flavonoids. Numerous studies have shown that consuming foods rich in anthocyanins can prevent the onset of cardiovascular disease, cancer, hyperlipidemia and other chronic diseases.

Research on growth formula for increasing vitamin C content in fruits and vegetables
Consumers are increasingly concerned about healthy food. Over the past few years we have found that the use of LED lighting can double the vitamin C (ascorbic acid) content during tomato fruit development, and that high levels of vitamin C can last up to a week after harvest. The latest research from WUR shows that LED irradiation of fruit can increase the vitamin C content several times.

Research on growth formula for improving taste
For some consumers, taste is a key factor when choosing food. Therefore, improving the sensory quality of fruits and vegetables will promote their purchase. For example, a noticeable difference can be seen using LED lighting when growing strawberries in a greenhouse. Lighting the green leaves maximizes sugar levels, while lighting the fruit maximizes vitamin C levels. The combination of the two boosts both sugar and vitamin C levels. We can also use similar methods to improve the taste of herbs such as basil, coriander, mint. We are currently conducting a trial to measure the levels of flavonoids that promote plant growth. This will inspire us to optimize the growth of herbs and improve their taste.

In the LED plant grow lights market, the precipitation and breakthrough of technology are extremely important. In different growth stages of plants, the output of light quality and light quantity is determined by the growth state of plants, and time-sharing control and photosensitive control will be one of the inevitable trends in the development of plant lighting technology.

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