How to choose led plant light Dec 27 , 2021

If you can grow some plants in your home, it can not only purify the air, but also increase the greenness of the room. Indoor planting has become a new trend, and it is also a source of income for many people. However, ensuring the normal growth of plants in low sunlight conditions is challenging. Compared with other types of plant growth lamps, what are the advantages of led plant light?

LED lights are energy-saving and have a long life. In addition, they are environmentally friendly, and there are different designs to choose from. It is made of LED, low price and low heat. These reasons are enough for you to encourage your customers to buy these lights. At the same time, before buying LED lights, you must understand some of the important ways that customers are most likely to consider.

LED with specific wavelength

The most important factor in choosing the right LED grow lights is the wavelength they emit. LED lights have advantages over traditional plant lights that emit full spectrum. On the other hand, one can find blue, red and orange LEDs for plant growth at different stages. For example, seedlings need blue LEDs to grow, while red LEDs are used during the flowering stage.

The design of LED lights has been successful. These lights can be programmed to emit different wavelengths at different stages of plant growth. Your customers may need such products, and you must be prepared to meet their needs.

Different plant types

Depending on the type of plants they wish to grow, indoor garden owners make sure to get information about buying the correct type of grow lights. The needs of ornamental plants and flowering plants may be different from those of non-flowering plants. Similarly, fruit and vegetable plants may require different LED grow lights. It is a good idea to have good information in this direction to help your customers choose the best products.

The size of the growth space

Another important factor is the size of the place where the customer wants to grow the plants. You must know that it can be placed closer to plants than other types of plant growth lights. The size of the room plays an important role in determining the number of lights required.

The presence of other light sources

The availability of natural light or other light sources in the room also helps to make choices. As a professional seller, you must share this information with your customers because it will increase your reputation.

The cost of LED plant lights

Finally, its cost and budget at hand will affect the customer's purchasing decision. You can get the supply of these lights from different manufacturers and suppliers in different price ranges. Compare their prices online and choose profitable deals.

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