How LED Grow Lights Affect Plant Seed Germination and Root Growth Feb 09 , 2022

1. The effect of LED grow lights on the germination of plant seeds

When seeds absorb water, their germination is often affected by light. Light requires that the germination of seeds is jointly regulated by PhyA and PhyB. The promotion effect of LED red light on seed germination is mainly regulated by PhyB, and the main function of PhyB is to sense the change of R/FR ratio. Whether a seed can adequately germinate and grow depends primarily on the R/FR ratio of the light it subsequently receives. A lower R/FR ratio inhibits seed germination.

Cucumber seeds can germinate under the blue light of LED grow lights, but the continuous irradiation of red light inhibits the germination of cucumber seeds. Under light quality that promotes germination, peroxidase activity in seeds increases over time and stabilizes after cotyledon opening. The peroxidase activity in the seeds remained consistently low under the light quality that inhibited the growth of germinating LED plants.

2. The effect of LED plant growth lights on the growth of crop roots

In herbaceous plants, light can reach the root system from the ground through the internal light environment, through the regulation of photoreceptors, and regulate its growth and development. Although the root system does not receive light directly, it responds differently to different light qualities.

The blue light of LED grow lights is conducive to the growth and development of plant roots. Blue light can increase the root vigor, total absorption area and active absorption area of seedlings.

The cultivated rice seedlings irradiated with the blue light of LED plant growth lights found that the rice seedlings accumulated high protein content in the root system, low non-protein nitrogen content, high ratio of protein nitrogen to total nitrogen, and high total nitrogen content. It shows that the blue light of LED plant growth light can improve the synthesis of nitrogen compounds in the roots of rice seedlings, and the production of proteins can accumulate in the roots.

LED Plant Growth Lights

At present, seedlings based on the blue light effect of LED crop root plant growth lights have been applied to agriculture,and the growth is good.

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