Can LED plant lights replace sunlight on plants? Nov 29 , 2021

LED plant growth lights can only simulate rather than fully replicate sunlight, although they are very useful in situations where there is no or almost no sunlight.

This is how it works:

During photosynthesis, plants absorb sunlight, water and carbon dioxide, and use it to produce sugar. There is no doubt that sunshine is free, and it is a valuable resource that farmers benefit from.

Over the years, several artificial lighting devices have become more and more popular, including LEDs, HIDs, fluorescent lamps, incandescent lamps, etc.!

There are many reasons why artificial plant growth lights are beneficial. Sometimes, the rooms in the house do not have enough natural light, so growers choose artificial lighting settings.

At other times, growers may live in areas with little or no sunlight. Some growers even choose to grow fruits and vegetables at home to reduce costs and have organic local produce.

In this case, growers choose to plant their chosen herbs, fruits and vegetables in planting tents or planting rooms with the help of artificial planting lights.

LED grow lights are efficient, compact and adjustable, and generate low heat. They can be used to grow a variety of plants, such as tomatoes, lettuce, spinach, basil, thyme, and a lot of micro-vegetables.

In addition, some LED plant growth lights also have a switch that allows you to change the light intensity according to the growth stage of the plant. This means that your plants can get enough light at every stage of development.

We can use this knowledge of photoperiod to grow crops at the right time, easily control the photoperiod of plants, and create the impression of a long day by continuously turning on the growth lights while reducing the time the plants spend in the dark phase to promote plant growth And development, increase crop yields and annual production.

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