5 suggestions on how to choose the best commercial LED plant growth light Dec 17 , 2021

Commercial LED grow lights are lamps that contain light-emitting diodes and provide lighting for plant growth. These lamps are installed above the canopy of plants in greenhouses or indoor farms. Commercial LED grow lights must be able to withstand the harsh environments commonly used in controlled environment agriculture.

Commercial LED Grow Lights

There are many functions to consider when choosing a commercial LED grow light. First, you must first decide what to develop. After deciding which products to grow, you now need to consider the following factors before buying.

Growth light effect

Growth light efficiency, also known as photosynthetic photon efficiency or PPE, is the output of PAR photons divided by the wattage of the lamp. Planting light efficiency has quickly become one of the main indicators that planting light buyers look for when evaluating their choices.

The higher the PPE, the better the reduction in power consumption, but this indicator has its limitations. For example, PPE only considers photons in the PAR spectrum (not including wavelengths such as far-red light).

Some buyers will buy commercial grow lights on PPE separately, but we recommend not to do so. PPE does not consider the influence of the spectrum and the quality of the luminaire. For your application, these two may be more important than squeezing more energy efficiency from the grow light.

Increase light and heat output

There were rumors a long time ago that LED grow lights do not generate heat. This is not the case, although they are much more efficient than traditional HPS plant growth lights.

Generally, we recommend not to worry about the difference in heat output between LED lamps. Although you need to consider the advantages and disadvantages of less heat.

In colder climates, some greenhouse owners prefer the heat emitted by their HPS lamps. Although this heat may be beneficial to some people, your lamp is not a reliable source of heat because it is difficult to control. HPS grow lights generate heat in various places in the greenhouse, affecting plant growth in an unregulated manner.

For better control and product quality, commercial LED grow lights are always the best, but if you are in a cold climate and can use some extra heat at all costs, it may be worth looking for more traditional grow lights technology .

Easy to install

Commercial LED grow lights are installed above the plant canopy. Depending on the distance between the canopy and the plant, you need to ensure that your team can easily install and replace the lights.

In the greenhouse, most commercial plant growth lights will be connected to independent supports that span the top of the facility. In the indoor planting room, you will use hangers, pulleys or vertical plant racks to attach to the pillars.

It is usually a good idea to check the manufacturer's installation process before purchasing. Good manufacturers will have a well-thought-out system that is easy to install, replace, and expand.

Manufacturer success

Before buying a commercial LED grow light, it is always good to check the company’s customer reviews. Although there are some good new LED lighting companies that may not have a successful track record, you can expect that these are largely exceptions rather than rules.

If you decide to work with a new plant growth light company, make sure that the price you receive reflects their lack of track record.

Growth lamp warranty

Today, the standard warranty for grow lights is usually 5 years. If you plan to make a large investment, you will seriously consider reducing your business risk through a warranty that meets your business needs.

Full Spectrum Grow Light

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