4 Key Features You Should Know About LED Grow Lights Mar 22 , 2022

The wide range of types, prices and qualities of LED grow lights can make your choice more challenging. So how do you choose the most suitable one among all the LED grow lights? You can first understand the next four points.


Wavelength For plants, certain wavelengths are particularly important for their photosynthesis, growth and development. Certain wavelengths promote plant growth, but certain wavelengths can also hinder the growth of certain plant species, so the wavelengths emitted are critical when purchasing LED grow lights.

2.Understanding Watts

A watt is a unit of power for electricity usage. Watts can give us an idea of how much energy input a lamp requires. When a lot of lighting is incandescent bulbs, power input is directly related to total light intensity output, and watts are a useful measure. However, the light output of an LED lamp is not a function of input only in watts, it depends on the quality of its components and overall design, including the specific LED chips used, chip density, optics used, heat sinks and drivers.

3.Lumens, PAR and Lux

Lumens are used to describe the total amount of light in the visible spectrum emitted from a light source. All you need to know is how much light will actually reach your plants. Illuminance is a measure of the amount of light reaching a surface, defined as lumens or lux per square meter. PAR Photon irradiance (often abbreviated PAR) is the measurement that gives us the most useful information for comparing grow lights. High quality LED grow lights will provide you with measurement information about the wavelength distribution of light emitted by the light, the size of the intended illuminated area, and the energy available for photosynthesis at the plant level (PAR Photon Irradiance).

4.Light intensity

The intensity of light is one of the important measurements of how good a grow light is. High-quality LED grow lights can keep plants close to the light source. The leaf tissue can actually touch the LEDs without causing harm, so the lights can be kept very close to the plants with the highest light output, since most of the heat from the LEDs comes from their circuit board (backplane).

In addition, there are many factors such as LED chip quality and so on. We offer a wide range of high-quality grow lights to meet your purchasing needs. If you want to install and store easily under the premise of high quality, we recommend our foldable series led grow light and detachable series led grow light; if you are afraid of trouble, you can also choose our LED Grow Lights With Driver Built Inside.

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