320w led grow lights for indoor plants, full spectrum

dimmable full spectrum led grow light for greenhouse waterproof,High performance cost ratio , High power factor: >0.96, High CRI:85,Dimmable mode: PWM and 0-10V optional.We can provide customized solution,including size,spectrum,color of shell
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1. Product Item: 320watt Mini led grow light for tent application

Noise-free Experience: 320w grow light focus on user experience- FLD-1000 use aluminum heat dissipation structures to replace traditional fans, specially designed for indoor planting, help your plants grow up while protecting you from noise.
100% Satisfied Customer Service: More Freelicht, better harvest! Freelicht aims to provide buyers with professional indoor lighting technology to get a better yield. Any quality problem or you need professional guidance, please feel free to contact us, your satisfaction is our top priority!
High Efficiency&Energy Saving: With 270 pcs high quality led chips, LED grow light consumes only 100 watts(equivalent to 320W HPS light), has the highest energy efficiency(2.8 umol/J). Increase your yields by 30% while saving your electricity bills.
Excellent Heat Dissipation: Compared to a single aluminum plate of other brands, FLD-1000 grow light's new aluminum back structure has a larger heat dissipation area, which helps to achieve the best heat dissipation. Suit for 2'x2' plant grow tent.
Full Spectrum Grow Light: With 4 different LED chips-warm light(3000K),blue light(6500K), Red light(660nm) and IR light(730nm), LED grow lamp can generate light that is infinitely close to sunlight, meet the light needs of plants at all growth stages, take care of your plants from seed to flower, then have a great harvest!

4x4 grow light

2. Product Features:

YH3-320-6 is Mini led grow light for tent application with 320watt used at home for flower or vegetable ; 2021 best 300W Indoor Led Grow Lights Full Spectrum with Double Switch for Hydroponic Indoor Plants Growing Veg and Flowering, for Commercial Marijuana application in US and Canada.

3. Product User Manual:

waterproof led grow lightshenzhen grow lightcustom led grow lightfull spectrum 600w led grow light


4.1 Can I have a sample order for led light?

Yes, we welcome sample order to test and check quality. Mixed samples are acceptable.

4.2 How long the delivery time ?
For sample,need 3 working days. For quantity order,need 15 working days.
4.3 Can LED grow light's spectrum be customized?
Yes, all of our led grow lights can be customized to perfectly meet the needs for different plants growth.
4.4 Can you make my own logo on the led grow light?
Yes, we can make your own logo if needed, just feel free to let us know when you’re ready for it and then we talk about the details.
4.5 Do you offer guarantee for the grow light?

Yes, we offer 5 years warranty for grow light.

5.Product Application:

uv ir led grow lightoctopus grow lights

6. How to place an order ?

6.1 Firstly, please tell us the specific light and the quantity you need, then we confirm all the details, we will make the PI (Proforma Invoice) for you to confirm the order.

6.2 Once the payment is received, the order will be arranged and the goods will be sent to you ASAP.

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